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Are You Ready for the Spring Market?

Posted by Emma Parker on January 6, 2021

Everyone knows that the most popular time of year to sell, and buy, is the spring time in New England.

Why? There are fewer holidays, it’s temperate to move (you’re not dripping in sweat in the August heat or freezing your butt off in January), and the school year is winding down if you have kiddos!

There are lots of benefits of moving in the spring, but what a lot of people don’t think about is that the process starts long before the spring time. There are months of planning, organizing and executing before making your move, which means the time to start thinking about your move is NOW!

That’s right, the winter time is the best time to plan. You’re inside for the most part anyways, you’re probably working from home or at home a lot more than usual, so these frigid months can be valuable times to hunker down and start planning!

For buyers, this means starting to chat with a mortgage lender about getting pre-approved to know how much you’re working with and what you would be comfortable spending. For sellers, this means de-cluttering, donating, and chatting with a Realtor to determine what your home could sell for based on the current market (this is called a CMA, or comparative market analysis) and what you should be focusing on to ensure your home is in the best selling shape.

While it can be overwhelming on both ends, it always helps to have outside voices that you trust to help guide you from the very first chat to those final signatures.

According to experts (, home sales are projected to continue trending upwards and mortgage rates are remaining steadily low throughout 2021, so whether you’re a first time home buyer or a family looking to upgrade, you want to be in the best position possible when making your move.

Don’t wait to get started until we’re well into what’s projected to be a VERY busy spring market (catch up from last spring), start thinking about what you need to accomplish NOW in order to be ready to go come March, April, May, etc. And if you’re feeling stuck – don’t hesitate to reach out for advice, whether buying, selling, or both, on where and how to start your process and referrals for local mortgage lenders, banks, or vendors to help you get your home in selling shape!

If nothing else, take this blurb as a reminder to get your butt in gear and don’t be late to the market this spring!

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