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Becoming a Homeowner vs. Planning your Wedding

Posted by Emma Parker on September 2, 2021

The savvy way to have your wedding help pay for you to become a homeowner!

Most 20 to 30-somethings seem to have to make the hefty choice between becoming a homeowner & planning a wedding.

Both are large purchases, seem to happen around each other, & are sometimes sacrificed for each other – and it doesn’t have to be this way!

Although Morgan & I bought our house about 9 months before we were engaged, we were still working on home renovation projects and settling into owning our home when got engaged and started planning our wedding. I completely understand how it feels like you have to choose one over the other because those costs, both expected & unexpected, can creep up on you!

Here are some simple tips to budget for your big day & help one pay for the other (and vice versa):


Although it seems like a no-brainer, budgeting can slip away from you when you have a vision for what you want in your home or on your big day!

Sit down with your significant other & any other parties (family, parents, friends, etc.) who will be helping you in paying for your wedding or helping you with your downpayment for your house. This way you know exactly how much to expect to be paid for out of other’s pockets, so you can plan around what you can contribute.

It can be a smidge awkward, but it saves you the trouble of assuming how much others are willing to pay for & asking for it when you’re in the thick of it.

The other big part of your budget is STICKING TO IT! There is no sense in taking the time to budget if you don’t plan on adhering to it. Don’t become wedding or house-poor just because you were stubborn and didn’t want to compromise. Know what funds you are allocating to each part of your wedding & buying a home and don’t double dip. Keep both savings plans separate, or even in separate accounts if necessary!


We planned almost our entire wedding through Although I am not a paid sponsor for them, I would HIGHLY recommend using their site for your guest lists, RSVPs, and registries.

Not only can you include other sites’ registries through, you can also allocate certain ‘funds’. What I mean by this is that you can make a fund for your honeymoon, or your new home, or home renovation costs. This way, when guests are contributing gift money, they can choose where to allocate their gift. It makes your guests feel that they’re contributing to something special & you are able to keep funds separate within your Zola page to help keep your budget on track!

Here’s a link to to explore!


Becoming a homeowner and a wedding planner can be financially stressful, especially if you don’t have a chunky savings. Here’s where recycling & DIY comes into play! My biggest tip for you is this:

Don’t waste your budget on buying lots of decor, gifts & favors your guests are not going to notice. Budget for what’s important to you, and be a bit more frugal with the less important details.

Ask friends and family for any leftover decor they might have lying around from their wedding and re-use. Make your own DIY signs using a graphic content creator like Canva, or invite an artsy friend over for a wine & wedding art night! Purchase bouquets of flowers from your local farmer’s market or grocery store and use a few flowers from each in a borrowed bottle or vase as your centerpieces. Rent as much as possible since you’ll only be using it for one day, or a weekend. Ask your venue what they provide early, to know what you’ll need to start searching for.

Take it from someone who is still “planning” her wedding and is a week away, there are already parts of our wedding I wish I had done differently in order to save some $$.

You’ve Got This

Becoming a homeowner & getting married are two major life events that tend to piggy-back on each other. Know your budget for purchasing your home & planning your wedding. Be smart about your wedding gifts! Allocate your funds and keep them separate. Become a savvy DIYer with your wedding decor and spend the most time and money on the details that are the most important to you.

You can plan a wedding and become a homeowner at the same time! It will take planning, budgeting & scheduling, but that’s what I’m here for! I’m in your same boat & know all the emotions that go into both of these life events. Let’s make a plan so that you’re prepared & can leave at least part of you becoming a homeowner, up to me!


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