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Best Gifts for New Homeowners

Posted by Emma Parker on February 23, 2022

Whether you’re a new homeowner yourself, or looking for ideas for functional gifts, you’ve found the right blog post! This post is dedicated to my personal favorite household items. Some have been gifts, and others I’ve purchased myself, but all are up there on my favorites list! Here are the best gifts for new homeowners that I’ve found most useful!

* Disclaimer: I’m not sponsored or affiliated with any of these brands, I’m just sharing my personal favorites & opinions*

Dyson Vacuums

In addition to getting rid of all the dog hair, this vacuum is a LIFESAVER! We bought the Dyson for several reasons. First, & most importantly, it’s cordless! Our house is older, and has one outlet (if that) per room. That makes vacuums with cords less than ideal. The Dyson V8 is cordless & comes with a electric charging port. We hooked ours up in our supplies closet, so it’s out of sight!

Secondly, this vacuum is great on wood floors. After extensive research, I wanted something that had the power to vacuum on wood floors, as well as different pile-size rugs. With the max setting, this vacuum works great on both surfaces!

Lastly, it was relatively inexpensive for a Dyson! I used my Bed Bath & Beyond 20% off so I believe the total was just under $300. I’ve linked the exact vacuum here for you!

Household Cleaner

“Why should I give cleaner to my friends/ family?”

I know it seems stupid, but this stuff is top notch! Thieves is a natural cleaner that smells great & lasts forever! It’s an essential oil based cleaner, so it’s not as harsh as your typical household cleaners. It’s plant-based formula, non-abrasive, safe for pets/kids, & works great with septic systems!

The best way to use is to dilute 1 capful of Thieves with 2 cups of water. You can pour into a spray bottle, add to your steam mop, or dip a rag into solution. Be sure to test on an inconspicuous area on some fabrics & countertops, like granite or marble. I’ve linked the cleaner here for easy ordering!

Shark Steam Mop

I’m realizing that a lot of my favorite items are cleaning products, but I promise they’re lifesavers! The Shark Steam Mop is definitely one! We received this as a wedding gift from our registry. I had been using a spray mop before & had to make sure that Gus, our dog, wasn’t around. Most spray mop solutions aren’t safe for dog paws or kids hands. Since the Shark Steam Mop is just water steam, it’s perfectly safe!

It is a plug-in, so you’ll need to have outlets accessible. But the cord is long enough, so that if you’re like me and don’t have a ton of outlets, it’s manageable! I’ve also been putting some drops of Thieves Cleaner into the water, so that the whole house smells fresh & clean! I’ve linked the Shark Steam Mop here.

Organization Matters

Some of the best household gifts for new homeowners that I’ve found are ones that help with organization. Think about it – after you move, it takes months to find a place for everything & organize all the stuff! This is where knowing the homeowner comes in handy. If they’re the type that lives in the kitchen, focus there. Drawer organizers, cabinet storage, spice & tea organization is huge. Head on over to the container store for these! If you’re not sure the dimensions, try an adjustable version.

If your new homeowners are the type that are handy, they may need garage, basement or shed storage. You don’t have to go crazy, but for around $50, you are giving them so much more than a rack. Organizing calms the mind, at least for me, so giving them a place to neatly store their stuff can be so appreciated. I’ve linked the racks that we use in our basement here.

Items to Avoid Giving

Seems funny, right? Giving you ideas about what NOT to give? Well, this is just as important. Everyone & their brother gives cutting boards, candles, dish towels & champagne. Small items like these are easy to give, but make sure that the new homeowners don’t have them already! Take it from someone who received 5 wooden cutting boards within the first year of buying our home. I use one of them. The rest I’ve donated. There’s just no need to keep them!

Avoid giving gifts that are a “one per household” gift, unless you know that they don’t have it! Most new homeowners always appreciate the sentiment of a new home gift, but would probably much rather receive a gift they don’t have & can make use of.

What Should I Give If I Don’t Know What To Give?

In total honesty, this happens to me sometimes! Even though my closing baskets for clients are filled, it takes a lot of time & thought to make each one unique. Sometimes I even get stumped on my clients I know best! Here are some of the ideas I’ve collected for when I’m stumped:

  • Gift Cards: whether it’s a local restaurant, hardware store, paint shop or home decor store, these are always appreciated & useful!
  • Cleaning Service: everyone loves a clean home. You can pay for a one-time, or monthly, cleaning service to take the stress off your new homeowners.
  • Local Goods: if your new homeowners are moving from a different town, or across state lines, collecting local food, decor & goods can be a great way to welcome them to the area!
  • Hand-drawn picture or painting of the house: one of my favorite gifts to give to clients & receive is a hand-painted picture of their home. I typically will frame it for them and have the date painted on. It’s a wonderful piece to keep for years to come as you walk through life! I’ve linked the Etsy shop that I use here.

No Matter What, Gifts are Appreciated

I think the main takeaway I want you to have is that no matter what, gifts are appreciated. Whether you take my ideas & pass along to friends/ family, or this article gets your creative juices flowing, it’s the sentiment that matters! Purchasing and owning a home is a huge accomplishment & investment. Giving a thoughtful gift as congratulations is not as hard as you think, and so appreciated!

So whether you’re a Realtor in need of closing gift ideas or a friend or family member of a new homeowner, just be thoughtful. Think of the intended receiver(s) and go from there. You don’t have to have the most creative gift, but functional/ useful gifts that they may not necessarily want to buy themselves are a great place to start. Hope these ideas will help you give your next new homeowner gift!


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