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Choosing Your Realtor

Posted by Emma Parker on October 13, 2021

Choose Wisely

It may seem like a waste of time to interview several Realtors. It will help you in the long run, trust me. Choosing your Realtor is like interviewing a nanny for your child; you want to make sure that they are looking out for your best interests, your values align & they understand your schedule.

While everyone “knows” a Realtor, you want to make sure that you are comfortable, can trust & connect with them. Choose wisely, as the buying or selling process can be very short-term, or longer than expected. You want to make sure that your Realtor is best at representing you & your wants/needs. Here are the basic questions to ask your potential Realtor during your initial meeting!

“Who Is Your Ideal Client?”

All Realtors have them. This is the description of the majority of their client base. Clients are grouped into categories like first time home buyers, relocation clients, families, military personnel, investors or builders. Checking in with your Realtor to see which group of people they primarily work with can give you a good idea of their knowledge base.

This is also a great question to determine your connection points with your Realtor. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy having things in common with the people I surround myself with. You want to get a glimpse into their life & why they enjoy working with the clients that they do. Typically, clients gravitate towards Realtors that they have something in common with. However, referrals are huge in this business and you may have been referred to a Realtor that you don’t vibe with. If that’s the case, this initial meeting is crucial to determine whether you connect with them!

“What Is Your Schedule Like?”

Realtors have schedules too! Some Realtors don’t show on certain days or certain times due to personal conflicts. You want to make sure that your schedules are able to overlap for showings, calls, offers & inspections!

This is also a great opportunity for you to chat about your availability & have your Realtor give you their outlook on the current market. You’ll want to gain insight from them about how fast-paced the market is & give you an idea of how they will help guide you through it.

“Why Should I Work With You Instead of Doing It Myself?”

A very bold question, but one that will give your Realtor the opportunity to explain their job & responsibilities to you. While buyers aren’t “hiring” a Realtor, sellers are. In both cases, your Realtor’s main responsibility is representing you to the best of their ability & ensuring a smooth process to help you to your end goal.

Sellers, if you’re considering doing a FSBO, this is a really important question. The listing process, marketing plan & negotiation parts are all key when a Realtor lists for you. You want to make sure that your Realtor is pricing your home right & giving it the exposure it needs to attract suitable buyers. Once under contract, you want to ensure that your Realtor will represent your needs well & give you the smoothest path towards closing possible.

Buyers, since you won’t be paying your Realtor out of your pocket, you want your Realtor to show an understanding of what you’re looking for & your timeline. Some Realtors look at potential clients and see dollar signs, while others care about making sure you understand the process. Buying a home is a huge investment, make sure that you have a professional looking out for you best interests.

“What Makes You Different Than Other Realtors?”

This question will give good insight into how they view themselves & where they feel they add value. Like I said, everyone knows a Realtor, so asking this will help you differentiate between each one. Hopefully this question will give better insight into how they view the real estate process, their schedule, marketing strategies, & skills. This will give you a chance to determine if what they feel is important/ marketable aligns with what you find important.

Every Realtor has their salesperson charms. What makes them truly stand out from others is their personality & likability to you. As I mentioned, you want to trust & enjoy working with your Realtor. What makes them different may just be the way that you connect with them!

How You Should Feel After Your First Meeting

Positive and confident. You should walk out of that office or coffee shop feeling ready to conquer your next move. You should understand the process a bit better & trust that your Realtor understands your wants/ needs. Knowing your next steps & the general timeline and plan moving forwards is key. You should be excited to hear from them again because it means you’re one step closer to your next move!

If you don’t feel this way, that’s ok! It may be that you need to interview a few more Realtors before choosing, and that’s ok. You may even start working with them & decide that you don’t vibe well, and that’s ok too! Connection & building that trusted relationship can take time. It’s important to feel supported & understood by your Realtor, so if you don’t feel that way – move on.

So give yourself time to find the right Realtor for you! Ask these questions, and any others that you feel are important to you. You want to enjoy the process, so choosing your Realtor is key!

Here’s to your next chapter & finding the support you need to help you through!

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