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Gearing Up for the Spring Market

Posted by Emma Parker on December 10, 2021

Is 2022 the year that you buy your first home? Or is it the year that you buy a second home or an investment property? While it may seem premature to start thinking about buying a home when we’re still thinking about Christmas presents, it’s important! Getting a head start can give you an advantage, prevent stress later on, & give you a good vantage point. So while everyone is gearing up for the holidays, let’s start gearing up for the spring market!

Where Do I Start?

The easiest place to begin is to chat with a lender. They will go over what goes into applying for a mortgage, the programs that are available to you, & what information they’ll need from you! Don’t know any good lenders? That’s ok – I have a list of my preferred lenders that I’m happy to send to you! Once you speak with a lender and are given a pre-qualification or pre-approval, that’s our green light to start working together!

When Do I Talk to You?

I prefer that we set up an initial buyer or seller’s meeting together once you’re already working with a lender. That way, we can work together as a team to find a good starting budget & timeline.

Typically I suggest that you start talking to your lender & myself 6-9 months before you’ll be serious about selling or purchasing. This gives us ample time to get to know each other, start casually browsing homes & truly get to know what you want. That way, when the time comes to offer, we’ll know the market & be able to bring a strong offer to the table.

When Does the Spring Market Start?

The “spring market” is a timeframe used by Realtors to outline when, historically, the majority of sellers list their home. It typically starts in March/April & ends right around July. Obviously this timeline varies from year to year, but it’s usually when we see a lot of homes come up for sale & a lot of buyers enter the market to buy!

Having a pre-approval & working with a Realtor while gearing up for the spring market gives you an advantage over all the buyers who wait until they find their “dream home” & it’s gone before they even have their first buyer’s meeting.

What Does the Initial Buyer’s Meeting Look Like?

Our first meeting will be a casual chat to get to know each other. As referenced in one of my earlier blog posts, ‘Choosing Your Realtor’, it’s important to connect with each other. If we’re not going to work well together, it’s a waste of everyone’s time.

We’ll go over your timeline, budget, & wants/needs/absolutely nots for your next move. We’ll create a game plan & go over your showing availability as well. Additionally, I’ll give you a customized buyer and/or seller’s guide in case any of our conversation gets lost or forgotten (it’s a lot of info, so I totally get it!)

What Does Working With You Look Like?

Once we have our initial meeting, and you have gotten pre-approved, we can start working together! I’ll set you up with a custom home search via email or text, so that you never miss a potential home. We’ll set up private showings or feel free to walk-through open houses without me. The goal is to get you out there to see what you like & don’t like. Being in a home is a lot different from the listing pictures, so let’s get you walking into those homes!

How Long Will the Process Take?

It depends. I know that’s not the answer you’re looking for. I’ve had clients start working with me & two weeks later they’re under contract on a home. I’ve had other clients who have worked with me for 9+ months and are still searching.

Your current living situation also plays a huge role. Are you renting & have a lease agreement? Are you living on a month-to-month lease? Do you have a home to sell before buying? All of these factors play a role in what your timeline looks like. But don’t worry, we’ll go over how this affects your timeline & strategy at our first buyer’s meeting.

Overall, the timeline for buying a home varies. Being patient & trusting the process will keep your stress down!

Ready to Get Started?

Wherever you are in the thought process – from haven’t even thought about buying to we’re ready to start – you won’t know what you can afford until you try! I’ve had buyers want to buy, but through their pre-approval process, realize they aren’t ready. I’ve had buyers get pre-approved on a whim & are so surprised at what they can afford. Or sellers who didn’t know what their home was worth until we met & they realized how much they could gain from selling.

So if you’re gearing up for the spring market, let’s chat. There’s no contract-signing or binding agreements. Just information for you to have for when you’re ready to buy or sell. It will never hurt to know the info & have a professional looking out for off-market properties with your name on them!

Head on over to the Contact Me page on my website, or schedule a consult through the link in my IG bio. Can’t wait to meet you!


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