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Initial Seller Consult

Posted by Emma Parker on February 2, 2022

Choosing a Realtor to sell your home is tricky! You want to make sure that they have a good understanding of your local market, your goals & the best ways to represent you. That’s what your initial seller consult is for!

That first meeting with your Realtor should be all about your goals & intentions for selling & understanding how your Realtor will align their selling strategy with your goals. Here are some helpful tips to ask about & listen for during your initial seller’s consult.

Listing Price

This is obviously a seller’s most-asked question – “what is my home worth?”. Your Realtor shouldn’t be asking you what you want to list your home for or promising you that your home will sell for “X” price. A seller’s agent’s job is to look at comparable properties, run a market analysis & price your home based on local market conditions.

I’ve had my fair share of sellers who want to list their home off their “zestimate”, their neighbor’s and family’s opinions, or even their replacement cost number. The skinny of it is, you hired a Realtor to determine a listing price based on the current market conditions. They are the professional here, & despite your opinions or push back, they are going to give you their professional advice. You can take that or leave it. Just understand that you’re hiring them to accurately price your home to get you to that closing table!

Value & Potential Repairs

Ideally, your initial meeting with your potential Realtor should be held at your home.

“Isn’t that unprofessional?”

Nope! Your Realtor should want to see the location & condition of your home. This will give them insight into your home’s value. Depending on how often homes like yours come up for sale in your area will help them price it. They’ll also want to look at any improvements that you’ve done since owning. Both of these features will help your agent when looking at market value & sellability (not a real word, but it works) of your home.

Another key aspect of seeing your home is that your Realtor will be able to point out any value-adding repairs that will help the sellability of your home. They can give you a list of projects that will increase the attractiveness of your home prior to listing.

Timeline & Finances

While you may already have a timeline in your head, your Realtor will also be able to give you a selling timeline.

What the heck does this mean?

Based on your timeline, your Realtor will look at the popularity of a home like yours & current market conditions. They will give you a realistic idea of how long your home will take to sell. In other words, if your home is in a super popular area or a home that doesn’t come on the market often, it may sell quickly! If it’s a unique property, it may take a bit longer to find the right buyer for it.

This selling timeline will help you and your Realtor determine the best time to list your home so that it sells in a timeline that works for you! Depending on whether you have your next place lined up, if you need to sell this home to buy another, or if you’re planning on renting for a while, your timeline will vary. This conversation is important to have during that initial consult to create an accurate selling timeline.


Marketing, especially online marketing, is HUGE. Most buyers look at Zillow,, & social media for new homes for sale. Having a Realtor who can give you leverage on these sites is important. Your Realtor should have resources & knowledge around online ads & social media marketing to market your home to the majority of buyers.

It’s important to ask your Realtor how they will market your home & the resources that their office has in order to bring qualified potential buyers to them. Professional photography, ability to stage, content & marketing strategies, and access to home search engines is key.

Don’t just assume that all Realtors market their listings the same way. Ensure that your Realtor & their office is at the forefront of making your home visible and sellable!

Wrap Up

At the end of your initial seller consult, you should walk away knowing three things:

  1. What your home value is & the list price
  2. What your selling timeline is
  3. Your home’s marketing strategy

You should walk away from that meeting feeling excited & taken care of. You don’t want to feel nervous that your Realtor just sees dollar signs around you and your home. We’re in the business of people, and it’s important that you feel that your Realtor is acting based on your best interests. You’ll want to feel supported, heard & understood. No matter why you’re selling, selling a home can be hard. Work with someone who understands that & keeps your goals top of mind.

Ready to meet and discuss your next move? I’m licensed in both RI & CT, so give me a call to set up our initial seller consult!


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