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Ways to Keep Your Heating Bill Low This Winter

Posted by Emma Parker on November 17, 2021

As the temperatures start to drop, our heating bills go up. With news outlets warning us about the increase in heating prices, many of us are thinking of sacrificing our warmth for our wallet. You shouldn’t have to choose! That’s why I’m putting together a little list of ways to keep your heating bill low this winter!

Servicing Your Heating System

Although this may be something you already do, let this be a reminder! Yearly service of your heating system is important to keep the machine functioning properly & efficiently. Another important step is to clean the ductwork! Blockages can not only affect the amount of heat circulating, it also means you’re circulating debris throughout your home. Completing this step can save you 10% on your heating bill (National Energy Assistant Directors’ Association).

In addition, you’ll want to set up automatic delivery if you use propane or oil heat. You’ll only ever run out of these once before you make sure that you get automatic deliveries! Out of all the things you have to remember in a day, don’t let heating your home be one of them. Contact your service provider to set this up!

Turning Down the Thermostat

This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you don’t do it consistently, it can cost you! Turning down your thermostat at night or when you’re not going to be home for a few hours is an easy way to save. Add some extra blankets to your bed and you’ll be good to go! I like to leave a sticky note on my door to remind myself to tick that thermostat down a couple notches before walking out the door.

Doing this simple step can help lower than monthly bill. By turning that thermostat down every 1 degree can save 2% (National Energy Assistant Directors’ Association).

Sealing Up Leaks

Do you know where your heat escapes to? Depending on the types of doors & windows you have, this may be the source of lots of heat loss. While you can call a weatherization specialist to test for areas that are heat sinks, you can also caulk & seal a lot of areas on your own! Places like doors, windows, & pipes coming in/out are great places to start. This website below has more great information on how to air seal your home!

Using Supplemental Heat

Fireplaces, pellet stoves & wood stoves are great source supplemental heat in the winter time, as long as you have plenty of wood & pellets. If you don’t have the luxury of these, you can always get an electric wood stove or heater. Leaving this on will cause your electric bill to rise a bit, but if you’re conscious about when it’s on, it may be a good source of quick heat!

Energy Efficient Programs

This may be one that not everyone knows. Your heating company may offer some energy efficiency programs that can end up saving you some serious $$$. Your energy company can complete an energy assessment of your home to determine any areas where you could be saving money & even offer a discounted service. There are also rebates that may be available to you, depending on the types of appliances & systems you have.

While it may seem like a waste of time – you can get up to $2,750 back in rebates & qualify for 0% loans for energy efficient improvements to save you $$$.

Chill Out This Winter

Heating prices are on the rise, but hopefully these tips will help you chill out and give you some ways to keep your heating bill low this winter! I mean, who doesn’t love saving a little money around the gift-giving time?


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