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Posted by Emma Parker on March 20, 2020

For your next project, give one of our small town businesses a try!

As a new homeowner, I think one of the most important lists you can have, besides the “honey-do” list of course, is a list of names and numbers of your favorite local craftsmen, carpenters, plumbers, handy-men, electricians, etc. For me, having vendors that I know and trust to either fix home issues, or for advice on a home project is incredibly valuable.

Morgan and I just bought our own home together and within 4 days of moving into our home, our hot water heater stopped working. OF COURSE! No leaking, just no hot water AT ALL. Thankfully, the weather was warm enough, and not in the middle of the New England winter, that it didn’t mean we had to seek warm showers elsewhere. Nevertheless, it needed to be fixed. This was our first “un-fun” purchase of home ownership that we figured would cost around $1000. Luckily, Morgan knew a plumber that gave us the option to buy the new hot water heater at the contractor warehouse, which usually means a discount! Once we were able to purchase the tank, the plumber was able to come over on his way home the next day and install it, quick and dirty. We ended up saving a good chunk of money just by having a relationship with the guy and being in his local area.

If you are new to the area or in need of a suggestion or recommendation for a local vendor, I can help you! I work with several wonderful vendors across all areas of home reno, improvement, and repair! I’d be happy to send a contact along and help my local fellow vendors and neighbors, like yourself! So reach out for advice, recommendations, and referrals; you never know when you made need them!

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