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Posted by Emma Parker on March 20, 2020

Putting Down Roots

I have always been an ocean girl.  I was raised in and on the water, at the beach and on my family’s boat.  I was a competitive swimmer for 12 years and my first job was a lifeguard at Narragansett Town Beach.  When it was time for me to go to college, I knew I wanted a change of scenery and pace, so I chose to go to the University of Delaware and while I was there, I studied abroad for 6 months in Barcelona, Spain. 

  What I didn’t realize was that time away, both in the states and abroad, made me appreciate Rhode Island, and specifically South County, that much more.  I didn’t know that I could miss a place as much as I missed Little Rhody!  As I became an adult and moved back home, I was able to explore my own home state a little bit more, I came to find my favorite local spots and grew to appreciate the local people and businesses in my own paths and experiences.  There is a sense of community here, where everyone takes care of each other; local businesses support and partner with other local businesses and community members rally around others when help is needed.  Being a part of such a cohesive community is important for me and is one of the many reasons why I’ve fallen in love with South County. 

Just to name a few; Mist to Mews Kayak/Paddle Race, outdoor concerts on the green at the Guild, Christmas Fairs at the local elementary schools, farmer’s markets, yoga on the beach, bike rides with Stedman’s, and so many other community events like these bring a sense of closeness and relatedness into our little town!  I am a HUGE fan of all of the farmer’s markets and farm stands!  I’ll take local meat, eggs, veggies, and handmade products ANY DAY of the week over just going to pick them up at the grocery store.  What I find so special about our particular community is that everyone is so inclusive and welcoming.  I would highly suggest to never be intimidated by trying something new, joining a new group or branching out of your comfort zone by buying your normal products somewhere new because you never know who you’ll meet and what you’ll be surprised by!  I can’t tell you how many times I have found so many connections in odd places just from trying a new place!  I’ll tell you – this town just gets smaller and smaller with all these connections, but I like it this way!  

So if you’re new to town, or have been here for a lifetime, I urge you to try something new and local; a restaurant, coffee shop, hardware store, mechanic, pharmacy, or retail store!  You never know who you’re going to meet or what you’ll find, and even though South County can make this world feel small, I guarantee you that trying new places can broaden your scope of our town and create more opportunities for you! 

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